I’m Carly Germann, but I’m soon to be Carly Becker, as I am getting married on July 10th! I’m a total makeup addict. I spend all my extra money on makeup. I buy makeup the day it is released. I eat, sleep, and breathe makeup.

My love for makeup started at a young age, when my mom let me buy some CoverGirl blush and showed me how to use it. I continued to use drugstore makeup for years and years, until I was in college and went into an Ulta to have my brows done. I passed by the Benefit section and was sucked in by their marketing and packaging. I had no idea that makeup like this even existed! That began an addiction to the higher end products, like Benefit, Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced, and the list goes on.

Throughout the years since college, I’ve continued to be an avid makeup fan, and I’ve always wanted to start a makeup YouTube channel and makeup blog. However, I always said “there’s so many beauty bloggers, I’ll never get anywhere.” But recently, I decided, who cares if I never get anywhere?! I enjoy making YouTube videos and writing blog posts, so even if no one else reads them, I’m doing something I enjoy. Hopefully you enjoy watching my videos and reading my posts, and hopefully you’ll follow this blog and subscribe to my channel, because I would love to connect with other makeup lovers.


XOXO Carly