Need it or nah? Oval Brushes

It looks like a toothbrush! Its handle is flexible! It’s so dense it feels like a cushion! And it applies makeup?! What could it be? One of the new trends in beauty: oval brushes. Do you need it, or nah? Watch my review and demo video on my YouTube channel, or keep reading here.


There are a ton of brands selling oval brushes, from super high end sets found at Neiman Marcus for $450.00, down to cheap knockoff kits on Amazon for $10.


I wasn’t willing to invest a lot into something I wasn’t even sure if I was going to like, so I went with the Hanza Professional Oval Brush Set for $15.99. You can buy the Hanza brushes that I purchased on Amazon here.


My set came with 10 brushes of various sizes. Each brush is absolutely stuffed full of dense, soft bristles. It is so dense that when you run your fingers across it, it feels like you are touching a plush cushion, rather than brush bristles. The handle is very flexible where it meets the head of the brush. The bottom part of the brush is wide and flat so you can get a good grip on it.

Let’s look at each brush.

First up is the largest brush, which I used for foundation. It created a smooth, even, base, but with less coverage than what I typically get with my beauty blender. For full coverage, I think I would need to apply two coats of foundation using this brush.

The second largest brush could also be used for foundation. I used it to set my foundation and concealer with translucent finishing powder.

The medium size oval brush was perfect for blush. It applied to the apples of my cheeks and blended out flawlessly.

The second smallest oval brush was great for undereye concealing. I used it to conceal the large triangle under my eye and it did a great job. It’s hard to describe how smoothly and evenly these brushes apply product.

The smallest oval brush was perfect for contouring. After just a few swipes of contour powder to my cheekbone, it looked perfectly blended out. I have difficulty achieving this with a regular contour brush. If I don’t use any of the other brushes in this set, this one alone is worth the $15.99.

Next up are three brushes that are long and narrow, called linear brushes. The largest one I found useful for highlighting. It applied like a fan brush if you go at an angle along the top of your cheekbone. It’s also perfect for going down your nose and across your cupid’s bow.

I don’t believe I used the middle linear brush for anything when I did my demo.

I used the smallest of the linear brushes for filling in my eyebrows. It did an okay job, but it won’t be replacing my regular angled brow brush anytime soon.


The final two brushes in the set are round brushes, and they appear to be the same size, with the only difference being that one of mine appeared to have some missing bristles, but I wasn’t sure if maybe it was supposed to be that way. I tried using the round brush that wasn’t missing bristles for eyeshadow, along with the linear brush for the crease, and it was pretty disastrous. It was really hard to blend, and really hard to be precise.


In the end though, the eyeshadow didn’t look too terrible.



Here’s my full face look after my YouTube demo. Overall, I think these brushes are a good addition to a makeup junkie’s collection. I don’t see myself using the brushes for eyeshadow or eyebrows, but all of the oval and linear brushes were great for foundation, concealer, powder, contouring, and highlighting. I think I will continue to use the brushes for those purposes, and therefore the $15.99 was worth it for me. Again, you can pick up these Hanza brushes on Amazon here.

Let me know in the comments, did you pick up a set of oval brushes? Do you plan to? What do you think of them? I would love to hear from you!


XOXO Carly


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