Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Contour and Highlighting

I was in Walgreens for some reason or other and walked through the cosmetics section, ’cause I mean, you have to. Two cute little containers caught my eye in the Wet n Wild section. Then I saw the word “New.” Then I saw the words “Only at Walgreens.” So the makeup addict in me reached out, grabbed them both, and ran to the checkout. What are the products, you ask? Check out my video review and demo on my YouTube channel, or keep on reading!


These cute little products are the Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Contour and Highlight. Let’s first look at the contour.


It comes in an adorable package with a cartoon style girl with contoured cheeks. It’s a twist open plastic container.


Inside is a little round foam applicator with a finger band. You can lift off the plastic cap underneath the applicator to get to the product.


Inside is a cushion with a warm (but not orange) brown contouring shade. I can’t tell how much product is in there, but you barely have to tap on it to get product, so it’s nice and full. I used the foam applicator to apply the contour liquid to my cheekbones and temples, and then blended it out with a beauty blender. I must say, this is my favorite liquid/cream contour shade I have EVER used. I usually don’t like liquid or cream products very much for highlighting or contouring, but this one is so pigmented and blends out so evenly. Usually with cream contour shades, I feel like I’m blotchy and muddy. But not with this one!


Here’s what my contour looked like after applying the product and blending it out. See how blended and even it looks! I LOVE this stuff!


Now for the highlighter. It comes in the same size and shape plastic container, with a similar cartoon style girl on the front, but this girl is super highlight-y. Inside, there’s the same foam applicator as the contour, and a plastic cap over the product.


Under the cap is a cushion with a light pink highlighter. It doesn’t appear shimmery in the cushion, but it does once you apply it. This highlighter is very light, on the pinkish/whitish side, and shimmery. It applies and blends really evenly and nicely, just like the contour shade.


My cheek on the left has the highlight on it in this image. You can see that it highlights and reflects light, but it’s not super dramatic or holographic.

Overall, I LOVE these products. I am so glad I picked them up for $5.99 at Walgreens. I highly recommend them, especially to anyone that thinks they don’t like liquid/cream contour and highlight, because this one just might change your mind!


XOXO Carly



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